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‘Hex’ from ABC’s ‘Good Game’ TV show is coming to Merimbula for Gamer Dev Jam on Sept 10th and 11th

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In deepest gratitude to South East Artsfor their sponsorship and support for Gamer Dev Jam and on behalf of The Loaded Gamer and IntoIT Sapphire Coast/Lighthouse Innovation, we are very excited to announce :-
Hex‘ from ABC’s ‘Good Game’ TV show is coming to Merimbula for Gamer Dev Jam
Hex’s appearance ensures that Gamer Dev Jam will be one of the most epic digital technology creative events ever run in the Bega Valley.
It is terrific for young coders who are inspired by games, and want to emulate some of the incredible techniques evolving in this sphere particularly in the areas of 3D and Virtual Reality.
And a huge boost for young artists who will need to identify career paths that allow expression of their creativity while affording them the wherewithal to support themselves financially. And our local writers and musicians, to also establish potential income-generating avenues for their craft.
And the gaming theme is very much in vogue with the local coding comunity – at last weeks Coding Night at CoWS Near The Coast, Local VR game developer Grahame Ford brought along his HTC Vive virtual reality system and provided a peak at his project developed on the Unreal Engine.
Check out this video of one of the gamers in action : –
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